Client : Knowledge Factor Asia, Kolkata, a partner of Knowledge Factor Inc., Denver, Co, USA.

Project : Confidence Based Learning

Development of courses using the platform called Confidence Based Learning or CBL, a patented internet-based pedagogical platform, successfully used in the USA, which empowers learners to attain mastery of knowledge and retain mastery for a long period of time.

Knowledge Factor Asia is in the process of using CBL to build courses for educational sector that will empower teachers to teach and learners to learn to attain and retain mastery on the subject.

Project Features

CBL enables knowledge mastery in a three step process. First it measures knowledge of the learner as well as the confidence with which the knowledge is held. Then it creates a customized learning path based on the two-way measurement. Finally it provides learning content according to the established path. This cycle is repeated till knowledge mastery is achieved i.e. knowledge is demonstrated to be held with confidence.

Indian students and other learners who go through CBL based courses will get the unique opportunity to acquire knowledge with certainty and retain the same for use in real life.

Initially the courses will be based on the 1st year engineering syllabi as followed in most universities in India. Subsequently there will be other academic as well corporate courses. The courses that have been taken up are...